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    Welcome to Spring everyone!  Even though Mother Nature is going in "slow mode", the calendar says we can start musky fishing again here in Wisconsin!  It may be a tough bite to start, but at least we can cast a line and try out all the new baits in the box that we couldn't live without!

     We have our Banquet, Spring Seminar, and Spring Fundraiser, all behind us now.   All the events were very successful!   A sincere THANK YOU to all that contributed  your time and hard work it took to put these events on!  And remember all of you members, please take the time to stop in and thank all of the many businesses that contributed to our successful events.  The events would not happen without them!.  

     Now it is time to go catch some muskies!   Make it a goal of yours to introduce someone new to our sport that we love.  Bring them along to one of our events that are coming up.  The Spring Mini-Outing would be a great opportunity to bring an extra body in the boat!  They could get a little musky fishing in, then you can introduce them to some of our members at the wrap up dinner later in the day!   

     Another way to introduce someone to what our club is about, is to invite them to our Take A Kid Fishing event.  Encourage a neighbor, a friend, or a family member, to bring a young person down to Traxler Park to enjoy some fishing and other events that our club offers.  We will have some great prizes again this year along with lots of fun!  We are expecting a great turnout  this year, so, if you are willing to help out, please contact me or another club member.  

     Enjoy the 2022 musky season and good luck!  Fish hard, but remember to take the time to enjoy all that comes with being out on the water.  Take in the great scenery with some good friends or family!

See you out on the water!

Thank you, 

Jerry Wilson

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